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If you're a foodie looking for a culinary adventure, a Vietnam food tour is the perfect vacation for you. Vietnam is a country renowned for its delicious cuisine, with dishes that are both exotic and bursting with flavor.

On a Vietnam food tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore the country's vibrant food scene, from street food stalls to fine dining restaurants. You can taste everything from the famous pho noodle soup to crispy banh mi sandwiches and savory spring rolls.

But Vietnam food tours are more than just about eating delicious food. They're also a chance to explore the country's rich culture and history. You'll discover the unique ingredients and cooking techniques that make Vietnamese cuisine so special, and learn about the traditions and customs that have shaped the country's food culture over the centuries. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just looking for a new culinary experience, a Vietnam food tour is an unforgettable journey. So why not book your trip today and discover the delicious tastes of Vietnam for yourself?

Top Vietnam Food Tour Packages

Whether you're a foodie, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking for an unforgettable adventure, our Vietnam food tours are sure to satisfy your cravings for both flavor and adventure.

INT-V-FD04  4 Days Ho Chi Minh Food Tour
4 Days Ho Chi Minh Food Tour
Route: Ho Chi Minh City
 Diverse experiences such as a dinner cruise, cultural visits, street food exploration, and cooking classes.
 Excellent opportunity to discover the city's culture and history.
INT-V-FD05 5 Days Hanoi Vegan Food Tour
5 Days Hanoi Vegan Food Tour
Route: Hanoi-Ninh Binh-Hanoi
 Experience traditional Vietnamese cuisine with vegan versions of popular dishes
 Learn about Vietnam’s rich history and culture by visiting Hanoi’s landmarks and joining a cooking class.
INT-V-FD07 7 Days Taste of Vietnam Food Tour
7 Days Taste of Vietnam Food Tour
Route: Saigon-Hoi An-Hanoi
 Experience the best of Vietnamese cuisine on a street food tour in Saigon and Hanoi.
 Discover the rich history and culture of Vietnam through visits to ancient towns, museums, and historical sites
INT-V-CA10 10 Days Vietnamese Culinary Adventure
10 Days Vietnamese Culinary Adventure
Route: Hanoi-Hue-Nha Trang-Ho Chi Minh City-Mekong River-Ho Chi Minh City
 Amazing culinary experience with visits to some of the best restaurants in each city.
 Explore the history and culture of Vietnam with visits to iconic landmarks.
INT-V-FD11 11 Days Discovering Vietnam Food Tour
11 Days Discovering Vietnam Food Tour
Route: Hanoi-Halong Bay-Hanoi-Hoi An-Da Nang-Saigon
 Unforgettable culinary experience, taking you on a journey through the local cuisine of Vietnam.
 Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of Vietnam.
INT-V-NST12 12 Days Northern Delights and Southern Charms Tour
12 Days Northern Delights and Southern Charms Tour
Route: Hanoi-Halong Bay Cruise-Hanoi-Hoi An-Saigon-Mekong River Delta Cruise-Saigon
 Street food tour and opportunities to engage with local culture.
 Various experiences, from exploring historical landmarks to relaxing on beaches

FAQs about Vietnam Food Tour

What are the must-try dishes on a Vietnam food tour?
Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its vibrant flavors, fresh ingredients, and delicious street food. If you're planning a food tour in Vietnam, there are several must-try dishes that you should add to your list. These include pho, a flavorful noodle soup with beef or chicken, banh mi, a French-inspired sandwich with Vietnamese toppings, and bun cha, a savory dish of grilled pork and rice noodles. Other popular dishes include banh xeo, a crispy pancake filled with pork and vegetables, and cha ca, a spicy fish dish served with rice noodles and herbs.
What are the best cities to visit for a food tour in Vietnam?
Vietnam is a foodie paradise, with delicious dishes to be found in almost every city. Some of the best cities to visit for a food tour in Vietnam include Hanoi, where you can try the famous bun cha and pho, Ho Chi Minh City, which is known for its street food stalls and seafood restaurants, and Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a vibrant culinary scene. Other great options include Hue, where you can try royal cuisine, and Da Nang, which is famous for its seafood.
How much does a Vietnam food tour typically cost?
The cost of a Vietnam food tour can vary depending on several factors, such as the length of the tour, the number of meals included, and the type of accommodation you choose. On average, a one-week food tour in Vietnam can cost between $700 to $1500 per person, with luxury tours costing more. However, it's possible to find budget-friendly food tours that cost less than $500 per person.
What is the best time of year to go on a Vietnam food tour?
The best time of year to go on a Vietnam food tour depends on your preferences and travel style. If you prefer cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, the best time to visit is between December and February. However, if you want to experience the country's festive atmosphere and delicious food during the Lunar New Year, which usually falls in January or February, it can be a great time to visit. March to May and September to November are also good months to visit as the weather is pleasant, and there are fewer tourists.
What are the vegetarian or vegan options on a Vietnam food tour?
Vietnamese cuisine is known for its fresh herbs and vegetables, making it an excellent option for vegetarians and vegans. Some popular vegetarian or vegan dishes include goi cuon, fresh spring rolls filled with tofu, vegetables, and herbs, and com tam, a flavorful rice dish served with vegetables and tofu. Other options include pho chay, a vegetarian version of the classic pho noodle soup, and banh mi chay, a vegan-friendly version of the popular sandwich.
What are the most popular street food items to try on a Vietnam food tour?
Vietnam is famous for its street food, and there are several popular items that you should try on your food tour. These include banh mi, a French-inspired sandwich filled with Vietnamese toppings, pho, a flavorful noodle soup with beef or chicken, and banh xeo, a crispy pancake filled with pork and vegetables. Other popular street food items include bun cha, a savory dish of grilled pork and rice noodles, and banh cuon, a steamed rice noodle roll filled with minced pork and mushrooms. If you have a sweet tooth, don't miss the chance to try che, a sweet dessert soup made with beans, fruits, and coconut cream.
What are some lesser-known dishes to try on a Vietnam food tour?
While Vietnamese cuisine has many famous dishes, there are also several lesser-known dishes that are worth trying on your food tour. These include bun bo Hue, a spicy beef noodle soup from the city of Hue, cao lau, a noodle dish from Hoi An made with pork, herbs, and rice noodles, and banh khoai, a crispy rice flour pancake filled with shrimp and pork. Other lesser-known dishes include banh bot loc, a translucent dumpling filled with shrimp and pork, and mi quang, a noodle dish from central Vietnam with shrimp, pork, and herbs.
What are the cultural and historical influences on Vietnamese cuisine?
Vietnamese cuisine has been shaped by a variety of cultural and historical influences, including Chinese, French, and Southeast Asian cuisines. The use of herbs and fresh ingredients is a hallmark of Vietnamese cuisine, which is influenced by the country's abundant tropical climate. The French colonial period also left its mark on Vietnamese cuisine, with dishes like banh mi and coffee becoming popular. Finally, the country's long history of trade and interaction with neighboring countries has led to the incorporation of flavors and techniques from China, Thailand, and Cambodia.

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We really couldn't have asked for a better trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Thanks to, Sreypov, Kea and each of the guides and drivers at each destination on our trip. In the planning phase, Sreypov and Kea were consistently responsive to all our questions and discussions, usually responding within 24 hrs of any comment or request
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Well this was a year in the planning with lots of talks with my rep Helen, to start off was my trip to Vietnam Hanoi/hoi an and oh chi min city and everything was great all the guides at each city and the trips to boot the hotels was all as expected. Next was Cambodia (siem reap) and what a place again guide and trips was outstanding really enjoyed Cambodia hotel was outstanding also.
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Indochina Tour was fantastic in organizing a custom private tour for us in Vietnam and Cambodia. Sreypov & Kea were so helpful: listening to our requirements, creating a very interesting itinerary, and making adjustments to accommodate our evolving plans.
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Right from the start Elena our travel consultant was quick to respond and took into consideration all our thoughts on where to go, what we wanted to see and do. Our guides Meng in Bangkok and Aonny in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai were knowledgeable, informative and extremely helpful.
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Regarding our tour, it was fantastic. Everywhere we travelled we felt safe and welcomed. Our time in Ho Chi Minh City was limited which was good as it really doesn't have that much to offer tourists. Our time in Hoi An was peaceful and pleasant.
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I would like to thank Sreypov and SreyKea for organizing our 14 day tour from Vietnam to Cambodia. We could not be able to visit the cities and places without Indochinatour. Wonderfully planned.The tour was perfectly organized. Tour guides are very knowledgeable, specially Mr Nob in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
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Sreypov and Kea were very responsive in setting up a custom trip to SE Asia. Great hotels and great excursions. Very balanced.
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Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.We booked through Sreypov and Kea at IndoChina Tours. What an amazing trip!Every detail was taken care of which aloud us to enjoy the trip and not think about the details.I broke my foot while in Vietnam and everyone from Indochina was so helpful making sure my experience was still positive.
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Indochina Tour,specifically Sreypov and Ms. Kea, were so helpful with organizing and making all arrangements for a 23-day tour of Vietnam,Cambodia and Thailand for myself,my husband and another couple.Our hotels were nice and clean and centrally located and the guides were all very knowledgeable and helpful.
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Our trip to Thailand was amazing due to the excellent planning of Kimheang and Sreykea at Indochina Tours.They were totally flexible in making adjustments to their tours and we were able to customize a perfect vacation for my husband and I.We travelled throughout Thailand and were received by a private driver and guide in every city we visited.
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Fantastic Thailand Trip!
My husband and I took a private,15 day tour of Thailand in early February 2024. We had two travel guides,Rain,for Southern Thailand and "Woody",for Northern Thailand.They were both very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, friendly,extremely kind and accommodating,and were truly good will ambassadors for their country.
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Feb 28, 2024 happytravelers118 (Ojai,California)
Trip of a Lifetime!
I chose this company based on the reviews and the quick and professional responses via email.I had first contact with Bliss, who created the tour for us based on our requests and customized it to suit our needs.She was always available to answer questions and create what we were looking for.
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Private 14-Day Tour!
Everything was organized to perfection,with knowledgeable and flexible tour guides in every city we visited, who made some variations to the itinerary where we had more time available.We opted for 4-star accommodations,and all the hotels met our expectations.
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Feb 26, 2024 Alessia F
Excellent Private Tour!
Indochina tours organised a fantastic trip for us. Everything from being picked up at the airports,to choosing great accomodation and organising private day tours was sorted impeccably. Thanks to Kimheang for having the patience and skills to put together an itinerary that we were extremely happy with.
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Considerate Service!
Having just returned from a 25 day tour of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we must express our grateful thanks to Bliss and Kea for arranging a memorable holiday.Ms Bliss worked with us to arrange the programme and accommodate the various changes we kept making. Ms Kea then made all the arrangements which ensured a trouble free itinerary.
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