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7 Angkor Wat Dress Codes: Taboos of Cambodian Culture

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Angkor Wat is a national treasure and world heritage site in Cambodia, with its magnificent ancient temples and rich cultural heritage attracting tourists from all over the world.

Dressing appropriately and respecting local culture are important guidelines that tourists should follow. To tailor your Cambodian tour, we’re very happy to receive an e-mail from you!

The following are telling you what to wear at Angkor Wat, which not only ensure the smooth progress of your visit, but also deepen your understanding of Cambodian people and culture.

Understanding the background and cultural significance of Angkor Wat

Solemn Angkor gate

Angkor Wat is a unique cultural heritage, which represents the glorious period of the ancient Khmer Empire in Cambodia.

This temple was built in the 12th century and is regarded as the center of religion and spirit. It is an important venue for ceremonies and celebrations. Angkor Wat is the pride of Cambodian people and one of their cultural symbols.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the historical and cultural significance behind Angkor Wat when you go there. Down there, you can see people wear stylish and various sorts of Angkor Wat clothes in Cambodia. Such an impressive view!

Questions people often ask

What to wear at Angkor Wat?

Can I wear sandals at Angkor Wat?

Can I wear short sleeves to Angkor Wat?

Do I have to wear trousers to Angkor Wat?

Is it safe to wear jewelry in Cambodia?

Can girls wear shorts in Cambodia?

To find out the answer, let’s take a look at the Angkor Wat dress code now!

Code 1: Avoid bare shoulders

Girls with bare shoulders

This is the very first one Angkor Wat dress code in Cambodia, since naked shoulders are not allowed in Angkor Wat. This is out of respect for religion and culture. The Cambodian people have a special view on the exposure of the shoulder.

They believe that the shoulder is a sacred part and should be respected. Therefore, when visiting Angkor Wat, it is very important to choose clothing styles that can cover the shoulders.

For example, you can choose short sleeved or long sleeved shirts, or pair them with a thin coat to cover your shoulders as part of your Angkor Wat clothes choices. This attire not only ensures compliance with regulations, but also conveys your respect for Cambodian culture to the locals.

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Code 2: Avoid Exposed Clothing

English school boys in shorts

Angkor Wat is a religious site, so it is important to avoid wearing overly revealing clothing. Overexposed clothing such as short skirts, shorts, or low cut clothing is not allowed.

On the contrary, choosing pants or skirts of appropriate length is a better choice. This choice not only meets the requirements of Angkor Wat, but also helps you feel more comfortable and confident when visiting temples.

Through this kind of dress choice that respects culture, you will be able to better integrate into the local atmosphere and show Cambodian people your respect for them.

Code 3: Avoid transparent or close fitting clothing

Please try to avoid this sort of stylish transparent shirt

This is the most serious Angkor Wat dress code, since transparent or close fitting clothing is not allowed in Angkor Wat. Cambodian people think that Angkor Wat is a religious site, and maintaining appropriate attire is crucial for maintaining a solemn atmosphere.

Avoiding wearing transparent clothing can avoid causing discomfort to other tourists or local residents. In addition, it is also important to choose clothing that suits your body shape to showcase a graceful and humble image.

By complying with these requirements, you will be able to better communicate with local people and gain a deeper understanding of Cambodian culture.

Code 4: Choose comfortable shoes

Angkor Wat trekking tour

Except for choosing the best Angkor Wat clothes, we usually walk a long distance lot there. So choosing comfortable shoes is crucial. High heels or uncomfortable shoes may cause inconvenience and discomfort to your travel experience.

On the contrary, choosing flat shoes or comfortable sports shoes will make you more relaxed Explore the vast area of Angkor Wat.

Comfortable shoes not only make your journey more enjoyable, but also help you better appreciate and experience the magnificent atmosphere emanating from Angkor Wat.

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Code 5: Avoid overly bright or exaggerated clothing

A simple and fresh outfit

This Angkor Wat dress code is a little strict to those who like jewelries. Overly bright or exaggerated clothing may distract other tourists and may also disrupt the religious atmosphere of Angkor Wat.

Therefore, choosing simple and moderate clothing is a better choice. Neutral tones, soft colors, or deep colors are all suitable choices.

This clothing choice not only shows respect for Cambodian culture, but also allows you to integrate a more harmonious atmosphere during your visit to Angkor Wat.

Code 6: Avoid wearing too many accessories

The smiling girl is wearing a simple pearl necklace

Wearing too many accessories is also not encouraged in Angkor Wat. Large, shiny, or noisy decorations may distract other tourists and interfere with the peaceful atmosphere of the temple.

Choosing simple and humble accessories is a more suitable choice, such as small necklaces, simple earrings, or souvenirs.

This choice not only meets the requirements of Angkor Wat, but also reflects respect for local culture and religion.

Code 7: Pay attention to personal hygiene

Help tidy your wardrobe to be clean

It is considered to be individual grooming also as an Angkor Wat dress code, for maintaining personal hygiene is crucial when visiting Angkor Wat. Please ensure that your clothes are clean and tidy, and try to avoid dirt or obvious damage.

At the same time, pay attention to maintaining a neat appearance, such as organizing hair styles, trimming nails, etc.

This emphasis on personal hygiene not only makes you feel more confident and comfortable, but also respects the environment of Angkor Wat as a historical site and the experience of other tourists.

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Although the dress requirements at Angkor Wat may make us feel serious, they are only a small part of Cambodian culture.

In Cambodia, you will discover warm and friendly people, delicious Cambodian food, diverse folk arts, and unique traditional customs.

So, don't hesitate, embark on this cultural journey, let's explore the magical beauty of Cambodia together, and learn and cherish this fascinating country!

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