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Cambodia Tourism 2024: Have to Know These 11 Things Before You Go

A comprehensive travel guide is required to help you arrange the best version of your Cambodia tour. Today’s article will discuss topics ranging from the best time to visit Cambodia to the basic facts of this country. You will definitely gain more insights about this beautiful country across Southeast Asia!

Have to know that a new airport will be open in Cambodia

The new international airport in Siem Reap named “Siem Reap Angkor International Airport” is scheduled to open for operations from 16 October, 2023. It means there will be more international flights and more visitors coming for vacations.

While Phnom Penh may be the outstanding capital city of Cambodia and one of the most amazing modern cities in Indochina, majority of travelers tend to enter the country via the airport at Siem Reap in the north of Cambodia.

The reason for this is the proximity to the Angkor Archaeological Park, home to Angkor Wat and dozens of other ancient temples dating back to the ancient Khmer Empire of the 9th to 12th centuries.

Have to know that there are no travel restrictions to visit Cambodia

Some travelers may have confusions like how and when to get to Cambodia. Actually, the best time to visit Cambodia is from November to February. The wet season, from May to October, is not advisable but still with its advantages such as low season with low cost. And most countries have access to enter in Cambodia. You need to apply for a visa to Cambodia, both e-visa and visa on arrival are available.

In the process of applying, there are a few things you need to pay attention to, such as the visa-free countries list, visa costs, personal information, etc. Click here to learn more about Cambodian visa.

Have to know the benefits of choosing local Cambodian travel agencies

Cambodia is a country that you can travel around without much problem, but it is always better to have a tour guide and travel with a reputable and local tour operator for the best trip.

A local tour operator will be able to get you into the best attractions without problems, and will be able to provide you with a guide to help you get around better, and all included in their tour price.

Also, they can provide local expertise, such as sampling authentic Khmer food, taking a tuk-tuk trip to Angkor Wat, or watching the sunset along Tonle Sap Lake. 

Have to know the important cautions to take when applying for Cambodia E-visa

A lot of people choose an e-visa to go to Cambodia. It is easy for applying online at the official site A valid passport for at least 6 months is needed. Please also prepare an electronic photo. Your phone numbers and your address in your country and Cambodia are all required details.

Besides, “Visa on Arrival”, the system permits travelers from around the world to fly into the airport and then apply for their visa when they get here. All it takes is a completed application form, a valid passport with six months’ validity remaining.

Although the tourist e-visa costs about $36, higher than the visa on arrival ($30), it is more convenient. You can pay in many ways, such as Alipay, Visa, Master, etc. After all these steps, you better download the related files and print them out as copies or just save them on your cellphone if needed.

Have to know that planning your December & January Cambodia tour 3 months in advance is a must

Planning your December and January Cambodia tour in advance is necessary because it’s during the high tourist season. In December and January, the weather is dry as well, but the temperatures are slightly cooler. It’s usually expected to be around 25℃ - 30℃ at this time of year.

Although Christmas is not an official holiday in Cambodia, we still can see Christmas trees and blinking colorful lights. Here are also some Cambodian holidays during this time, such as the International New Year Day on January 1 and the Victory over Genocide Day on January 7 marking the end of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979.

So get your trip early planned in case there are some uncertain situation happened. For example, get the hotel reservation in advance and find a local travel agency.

Have to know that if you are going to visit Angkor Wat (special dress code & taboos)

Angkor Wat is actually the largest religious monument in the world, and covers an area of around 1.62 million square meters. Built towards the end of the 12th century as a Hindu temple to the god Vishnu, it is even featured on the national flag of Cambodia.

People come to Siem Reap to appreciate the glory of the ancient Khmer kingdom. However, very few visitors know about the secrets of Angkor Wat dress code.

Firstly, revealing clothing is not suitable for this religious site. You will feel cooler wearing proper lighter and breezier clothes. Women can wear long skirts, and men can try short sleeve shirts. Besides, for a good effect on your photos, you can try to put on bright colors of clothes.

Have to know that Siem Reap is the safest place to visit in Cambodia

As the most popular place in Cambodia, Siem Reap has been considered the safest city in Cambodia. Here you can enjoy the magnificent Angkor Wat and indulge in the local food on Pub Street in Siem Reap.

Many tourists choose Siem Reap as their first destination in Cambodia. However, we still need to protect ourselves from danger. Try to not walk and take any transportation alone at night. In the daytime, you’d also better to travel in groups to avoid uncertain situations.

As long as you take care of your personal belongings, using a belt bag or slash-proof backpack, and don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself by flashing lots of cash around, then you should be as safe as you are in any other country around the world.

Have to know that female travelers had better not go out alone at night

There will always be some problems to be solved when you’re traveling. It is also normal to feel unsafe when you are going to another country. What we need to do is take precautions before travel and during your trip.

For female travelers, in all aspects such as hotels, tours, and transfers, we’re sure that you do not have to worry much. Cambodian people are very kind and warm. At the same time, we still need to be vigilant.

To avoid these bad things happen, you’d better not go out alone at night. And you can follow up with a professional and local travel agency to ensure your safety.

Have to know that landmines and unexploded ordnance can be discovered in very remote areas throughout Cambodia

Almost 3 decades of civil war that ended in 1998 left Cambodia littered with landmines and other unexploded ordnance. It remains a danger and continues to have a devastating impact on the people of Cambodia.

The remote areas especially near the borders were largely possible placed with landmines. So better keep yourself away from these places. But be at ease that the main routes are all well-worn and the cities are largely untouched by the problem.

Have to know that it is enough to bring summer clothes when visiting Cambodia

How should you dress in Cambodia? As most countries in Southeast Asia tend to be hot and humid, light and breathier clothes are comfortable to wear. If you want to look like a local, visit the Cambodian markets and buy a few light cotton skirts or pants.

In case you feel cold during the night, you can carry some long sleeves clothes or shawls to keep you warm. On the streets of Cambodia, you’ll probably see locals wearing Cambodian traditional clothing such as Sampot, a garment. Or you can see people wear karma but more than as a scarf.

Have to know that it’s very easy to get to the neighboring country of Vietnam

Cambodia is one of the most amazing destinations in Asia, and is often traveled in combination with a trip to Vietnam, which shares a long border. And this makes it easy to travel from Cambodia to Vietnam, as long as you have the visa all arranged.

Not only are there several airports across Vietnam that you can fly into from Cambodia, you can also cross into Vietnam by bus or boat, taking the road trips across the border or taking a cruise along the Mekong River.


The secret of Cambodia always remains mysterious until you came for a full-diving visit. The 11 things we have discussed above are such practical things you need to learn before you head to this country.

Mind your safety and bring proper clothes are top things to know. Besides, learning the Angkor Wat dress code is also necessary concerning local conduct.

As an expert local travel agency, we can provide you with the best itinerary you like. Feel free to contact us to tailor your Indochina tour next time!

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