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Where to Go for a Cambodia Beach Tour?

Cambodia is a beautiful country filled with incredible history, culture, and natural National Parks and islands. You can find and enjoy excellent beaches along the Cambodian coast and on the islands of the Gulf of Thailand. Many of these boast rich marine life, charming wooden huts, and wild beauty. This article tells you everything about Cambodia beach and insider tips for your beach tour.

What Are the Beaches in Cambodia Like?

Beach vacationists interested in commerce, entertainment, and history may find Sihanoukville appealing. The seaside resort has dozens of casinos and several shopping malls. Nearby, some beaches remain more or less pristine in the face of fast urbanization, but this may not last forever.

A short distance from the seaside town, both along the coast and into the sea, you can find sleepy settlements and verdant oases. A nearby archipelago consists of around 60 islands teeming with white-sand beaches and tropical vegetation. Most of those are accessible from anywhere along the Cambodian coastline.

Where to Go for the Best Cambodia Beaches?

In the following, we list some of the top beaches of Cambodia.

Sok San Beach, Koh Rong Island

Sok San, also known as Long or Seven-kilometer Beach, is an incredible beach of Koh Rang Island. It is among the most popular beaches there. Tropical vegetation edges white sand, while turquoise waters are exceptional for snorkeling.

There are straw parasols and beach chairs available, but you may prefer relaxing on the soft sand. You may stay in a neighboring fishing village for a low price or book high-end accommodation in a nearby holiday resort. You can get to the resort and beach by ferry from Sihanoukville.

Sok San Beach in Cambodia
Sok San Beach in Cambodia is known as Long or Seven-kilometer Beach.

Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem

The name of the beach is self-explanatory. To get away and forget about everything, go to Lazy Beach, located in the western portion of Koh Rong Samloem Island. Recently, National Geographic included this heavenly alcove among the Top 21 beaches in the world.

Smooth sands, abundant greenery, and various hues of blue waters are an attractive setting for photography. Flanked by mountains, Lazy Beach offers unforgettable sunsets, while transparent waters are exceptional for diving and snorkeling.

Please note that nearby accommodation is quite basic, lacking even the Internet. To get to this piece of paradise, hire a private taxi boat from Sihanoukville. Nearby, there is a jungle trail that leads to Saracen Bay on the other side of Koh Rong Samloem.

Koh Rong Samloem Island in Cambodia
Relax yourself on Lazy Beach of the Koh Rong Samloem Island in Cambodia.

Otres 2, Sihanoukville

The rapid development of Sihanoukville and its neighborhood still doesn't affect Otres 2, a southern section of the namesake beach. Albeit there are hotels and other tourist facilities nearby, Otres 2 is one of those beaches that still cling to its personality.

Sihanoukville Beach in Cambodia
Beach vacationists interested in commerce and entertainment may find Sihanoukville quite attractive.

Featuring white sands and a mix of palms and deciduous trees, you'll find the beach ideal for relaxing and admiring the sunset. The resort town of Sihanoukville is about 10km/6.2mi away, and you can cover the distance in around 20 minutes by car.

Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev Island is an excellent place to run away from the hustle and bustle of Sihanoukville. And its Coral Beach, with basic accommodation facilities, is another top beach of Cambodia. There, you can stay in a tree bungalow surrounded by lush vegetation and relish almost unbroken solitude.

Koh Ta Kiev Island beach in Cambodia
Koh Ta Kiev Island is an excellent place to run away from the hustle and bustle of Sihanoukville.

You can access this piece of heaven by a 10-minute walk from Long Beach, where a boat from Sihanoukville leaves you. From the seaside, admire the crystal-clear sea, occasional fishing boats, and somewhat distant islands.

Modern facilities, such as electricity and Internet access, are scarce, making this gem of Koh Ta Kiev exceptional for Eco-tourism and relaxation.

Koh Tonsay, Kep

To get to Koh Tonsay (Rabbit) Island, you need to take a boat in Kep, a town near the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. Once you arrive, a green gem featuring coconut trees on beaches, inland jungle, and friendly locals will welcome you.

Basic facilities in wooden huts and limited WiFi and electricity will almost make you forget civilization and its inconveniences. Koh Tonsay has a couple of beaches, with the main one being 0.5km long and featuring golden sand. So, if you need complete relaxation, eat delicious seafood, and observe the starry sky at night, Rabbit Island should be your first choice.

Koh Tonsay Island in Cambodia
The pristine surroundings on Koh Tonsay Island will almost make you forget modern civilization.

Sner Beach, Koh Kong

On the other side of the Cambodian seaside, near the Thailand border, you will find Koh Kong, the capital of the homonymous province. The town is a gateway to many tropical beaches, located in a pristine environment. Among those, Sner stands out.

Surrounded by greenery contrasting against white sand, Sner Beach is ideal for relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling. You can treat yourself with delicious food in local eateries, and watch the sun seemingly descending into the Gulf of Thailand in the evening.

Insider Tips for Your Cambodia Beach Tour

Considering the length of the Cambodian seaside and proximity to its islands, you can do beach-hopping during your Cambodia tour. To get from Koh Kong to Kep, which are on opposite sides of the Cambodian coastline, a few hours by car should suffice. So, you can treat yourself with an active vacation and acquaint yourself with several islands with outstanding beaches.

For the best experience, organize your trip in line with the following points:

Peak Season for beach tour is from December to February

The best time for a Cambodia beach tour are shoulder tourist seasons (March to May and November). While the high season inland lasts from November to April, at the seaside it spans the period from December to February.

As for shoulder seasons, the rainfall is higher than during the peak tourist season. However, you won't have to watch the skies attentively to estimate should you find shelter to avoid downpours. Plus, you have a good chance of booking accommodation where you like for a reasonable price.

Beach in Cambodia
You can go for a Cambodia beach tour in shoulder tourist season in March, May and November.

Book Accommodation and Guided Tours in Advance

Choosing the right time of the year for a beach holiday in Cambodia and booking accommodation in advance are essential. Even during the low season, travelers go to a beach vacation in the Gulf of Thailand.

So, you should get in touch with the lodging providers as early as possible to get ahead of the crowd. If you wish to join a guided tour of the seaside, also try to book the activity beforehand.

Things to Bring for Your Cambodia Beach Tour

Some essentials you should bring for your seaside holiday are mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, and quick-dry towel. Mosquitos are always present, especially during summer (June-August).

Apply sunblock regularly since the UV index is high throughout the year. You should also wear light clothing with long sleeves and a hat. Do remember to have cash with you at all times. In Cambodia, you can pay in US Dollars, which is the kingdom's unofficial currency, and local Riel.

Finally, don’t forget your Cambodia visa, unless you come from the other ASEAN countries. Generally, visas are available on arrival in Cambodia, with the exception of citizens of select African and Asian countries.


The Cambodian coast and islands are a perfect destination for a relaxing beach vacation. If you like to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, and dive, this side of the Gulf of Thailand will be ideal for you.

You can book a beach tour by a tour agency like us. Indochina Tour has a broad experience in organizing various trips in Cambodia. With us, you just specify your wishes, habits, budget, and priorities, and our experienced staff will find the perfect solution for you.

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