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How Much Does a Trip to Cambodia Cost? Cambodia Tour Cost in 2024/2025

Cambodia is an exotic and vibrant tourist destination and one of Asia's most affordable destinations. The delicious food, luxurious hotels, and famous attractions like Angkor Wat are world-class experiences without the high costs found in other countries. Are you thinking about planning a trip to Cambodia? Here's the Cambodia tour cost for 2024/2025.

How Much Does It Generally Cost to Arrive in Cambodia: about USD500 for a Round Trip

Cambodia has three international airports, making getting in and out of the country convenient. Most travelers fly into Phnom Penh International Airport or Siem Reap International Airport, but flights to Sihanoukville are also available.

To Phnom Penh International Airport
Flights from the US are usually cheapest in March and most expensive in June and July. One-way tickets from San Francisco to Phnom Penh range from $426 in March to $852 in June, with average prices around $500-600 the rest of the year. From New York, it costs $594 in March up to $1,052 in June, averaging between $700-800 other times of the year. Flights from London range between $535 in March and $851 USD in July.

To Siem Reap International Airport
One-way tickets from London to Siem Reap cost an average of $695, dropping to $482 in March and up to $754 in July. Flights from San Francisco can be found for as low as $398 in March, up to $1,176 in June, averaging from $550-620 other times of the year. Ticket prices from New York average between $800-$1,000, with prices peaking in June at around $1,426.

Getting to Cambodia from nearby countries is affordable. Flights from Singapore to Siem Reap of Phnom Penh cost around $100. Flying from Bangkok, you can expect to pay around $50, and from Hanoi, it is around $66.

To enter the country, the visa on arrival is a good option that is available at Cambodia's international airports. A visa on arrival costs $25 and is valid for 30 days. During peak season, waiting times at immigration can be long, so consider getting an e-visa in advance. The e-visa costs $36 and is valid for a maximum stay of 30 days. 

The Cost of Domestic Transportation in Cambodia Depends on the Places You Visit

Transportation costs are a necessary expense in Cambodia tour cost. What's good is that Cambodia has many convenient transportation options for getting around in the country.

Taxi fares are usually $3-5. Getting from Siem Reap Airport to your hotel costs around $10-12. In Phnom Penh, there is an official charge for taxis from the airport, depending on where you are going in the city. It costs $12 to Wat Phnom and the Riverside area. To get to central Phnom Penh, it is $15, and to get to places across the river, it is $18. Traveling between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh by taxi usually costs between $75-$95.

Tuk-tuks are one of the most common and economical ways of getting around. Short transfers usually cost between $2-3, and fares rarely exceed $5.

For the most convenience, you can hire a private car at a daily rate. An air-conditioned private car makes visiting different sites easy and comfortable. Expect to pay around $60-90, depending on the type of car. Private cars can also be taken between different cities. Getting from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh costs around $90 for a standard SUV and up to $135 for a premium van.

Motorbikes can be rented by the day, week, or month for traveling around the country. A valid foreign driver's license is needed. Small scooters suitable for traveling around a city cost as little as $8-10 a day. Motorbikes capable of longer trips and handling rough roads can cost between $25-50 per day.

Domestic flights are an easy way of getting between cities in Cambodia. Cambodia Air Angkor offers the most affordable tickets. They fly between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh several times a week. Tickets cost between $87 and $96, depending on the time of year. From Siem Reap to Sihanoukville, it is around $140-210.

Visitors are taking tuk tuk to Angkor Thom

The Cost of Accommodations in Cambodia: from USD50 to USD300 (3-5 Star)

Hotels in Siem Reap
Siem Reap thrives on tourism, in large part due to being the gateway to Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. Because of this, the city has the most 5-star Luxury hotels in the country and many comfortable 4-star hotels and 3-star hotels to choose from.

The best area to stay in Siem Reap is downtown. Staying in a central location keeps you close to the city's markets and nightlife and makes it easy to get to Angkor Wat. Peak-season luxury hotels such as FCC Angkor can cost between $200-500 per night, dropping to $150-350 in the low season.

4-star hotels like the popular Koulen hotel range from $60-150 in the low season to $80-200 during peak times. Clean and comfortable 3-star hotels can be found from $25-50 all year round. Find out more about best hotels in Siem Reap!

Hotels in Phnom Penh
The capital city, Phnom Penh, is famous for its blend of traditional Khmer and modern styles. If you're looking for luxury, try the Tonle Bassac area. The Rosewood Phnom Penh is a well-known hotel in the area for its rooftop infinity pool. Accommodations in Tonle Bassac usually cost between $100-300 USD.

The Riverside area is a good choice for staying close to popular attractions. 4-star hotels start from around $50, luxury hotels range between $100-300 USD, and 3-star hotels can start from $30.

The Russian Market Area is popular for its vibrant atmosphere. There, you will find lively markets and great local eateries. It is best for interesting boutique hotels and cheap 3-star accommodations. Hotels like The Local Riverside are popular for their simple and comfortable rooms. Hotel prices can be as low as $20 for 3-star hotels and up to $150 for boutique options.

Hotel Costs in Sihanoukville
The coastal city of Sihanoukville is the best place in Cambodia for beach resorts. It is popular with eco-tourists looking to experience the natural environment, water sports enthusiasts interested in scuba diving and kayaking, and people who just want to relax on the beach. Areas like Sokha Beach have great luxurious resorts like the Sokha Beach Resort. Deluxe rooms start from $100, and suites are available from $200-400.

Ochheuteal Beach is popular for its lively atmosphere and long stretch of white, sandy shoreline. 3-star hotels start from around $20 per night. 4-star hotels can be found at around $50, and luxury 5-star hotels are around $150.

The Cost of Meals in Cambodia: about USD15-25 Per Day

Food accounts for the smallest proportion in Cambodia tour cost. A fine dining experience serving Cambodian food can cost $25-40 USD per person. However, while you're there, there will also be many opportunities to eat from street food stalls and small local eateries.

Street food such as Bai Sach Chrouk, grilled pork served over rice, and Kuy Teav, a noodle soup with pork or beef, is delicious and one of the best ways to experience local cuisine. Eating at a street food stall typically costs $1-3 per person. Small local eateries where you can sit down to eat cost from $3-8. Mid-range western food can be found from around $8-15.

Most travelers prefer a mix of options, some street food, and occasional more formal dining. Sampling a wide variety of food will usually cost around $15-25 per day.

Cambodian food: Bai Sach Chrouk

The Cost of Tourist Sites in Cambodia: Relatively Cheap, Usually USD10-20

Tourist attractions in Cambodia are mostly inexpensive. Tickets for historic temples in Phnom Penh, such as Wat Phnom or Wat Ounalom, only cost around $1. You can learn more about Cambodia's history there at the National Museum of Cambodia or the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, where the entrance fee is $5. The Angkor National Museum in Siem Reap is $11 if you book in advance or $12 at the gate.

To see a cultural performance such as traditional Aspara Dances or Khmer Circus costs between $7 and $18. Tonle Sap Lake boat trips are available to see the natural environment and visit floating villages. A half-day trip, including refreshments on the boat, starts from $20. Larger, more luxurious boats can be hired for $30-40.

The iconic Angkor Wat is more expensive than most other sites. A pass to visit Angkor Wat also includes an entrance to Angkor Archaeological Park. The park covers 400 square kilometers and encompasses ruins, historic structures, and other temples such as Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm, and Banteay Srei. A 1-day entrance costs $37. Three-day entrance passes that can be used over ten days cost $62, and 7-day passes valid for a month cost $72. 

Dancers in traditional Apsara costumes

How Much Should I Tip During the Cambodia Tour?

Tipping is not expected in Cambodia, but it is still considered a nice gesture. Adding 5-10% on top of the bill for good service in a restaurant is common. Upscale restaurants may already include a service fee, so it is a good idea to check and see if a tip has been added first.

For guided tours and private transportation, tipping is also common. A 10% tip for the guide and driver would be appropriate for a full-day guided tour. When riding in a tuk-tuk, it is customary to round up to the nearest US dollar. Single-dollar tips are also normal for porters, bellhops, and housekeeping.

Other Expenses Depend on Your Budget

How much your Cambodia tour cost is depends on your budget and interests. Small daily expenses are very low. A bottle of water costs $0.50, you can get a cup of coffee for around $3, and a bottle of beer is usually $1-2. Relaxing with an affordable massage can cost less than $10 for one hour. Mid-range to luxury spas are between $25-55.

Shopping and souvenirs depend on what you're looking for. There are some factory outlet stores, such as DAH Exports in Phnom Penh, where brand-name clothes can be found at reasonable prices. Local products can be both cheap and expensive. Krama, a traditional Cambodian clothing, can cost from $5 to over $20, depending on the size and material. Handcrafted silver jewelry can range from $10 for a simple pendant to over $100 for more intricate pieces.

Bracelet on sale in Cambodia

On Average, It Costs about $60-100 for a Cambodia Trip Per Day from Budget to Luxury

Budget travelers to Cambodia should expect to spend around $60 per day. This includes staying at a 3-star hotel and enjoying food from street food stalls and small eateries. Budget travelers will usually get around by tuk-tuk. At this price level, travelers can still visit major attractions like Angkor Wat.

Mid-range to luxury traveling will cost $80-100 or more, depending on accommodations. Hiring private cars to get around is convenient and comfortable but costs more than tuk-tuks or regular taxis. There are lots of excellent upscale restaurants in major cities that provide great dining experiences if you don't mind the price. Travelers willing to spend more money can also take advantage of all the entertainment options and choose guided tours at major attractions.

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