Vietnam and Laos Tour

Vietnam and Laos Tour

Vietnam and Laos enjoys a strong political relationship for a long time. Due to their shape of the lands, they share a long border along the east Laos and west Vietnam. Tourists can take bus to Laos from Vietnam, which will take about 24-27 hours bus ride. It will be a tiring and rough journey. The best way to travel between the two countries is to take flight from Hanoi to Vientiane, a distance of 301 miles. There are 5 daily flights from Hanoi to Vientiane and 7 weekly flights, which will take about 1 hour and 7 minutes. Although it will be much more expensive than the bus ride, it is much faster and more comfortable. There is no need to waste that much time on the transfer. One more important thing is remember to change money from Lao-Viet Bank in Vietnam. The exchange rate for Vietnam Dong in exchange booths in Laos is very bad. Or bring USD or EUR with you.

In Vietnam, take some walk along the wooded boulevards among lakes in Hanoi, experience hilltribe culture, and discover stunning scenery and friendly people in mysterious Sapa, soak up the old-world charm of Hoi An, step back into the world of the country's last emperors in Hue, be awed by the endless energy of Ho Chi Minh City and cruise through dramatic karst scenery on a boat tour of Halong Bay. In Laos, just take it easy and take it slow, and enjoy. After a one-day city tour in Vientiane, move to Luang Prabang. A tour to Kuang Si Waterfall to soak up the beauty of the Kuang Si Waterfalls and swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Our Vietnam and Laos tours below are all independent and fully tailored by our travel experts, ensuring all the smallest details are taken care of. Besides, you can also customize your own trip by telling us your ideas, and we'll take care of the rest for you.

Top Vietnam and Laos Tour Packages

The following three itineraries are our most recommended Vietnam and Laos tour routes. All of the trips are customizable to your interests and budget.

  • 15 Days Essence of Vietnam and Laos Tour

    Saigon - Vinh Long - Can Tho - Saigon - Danang - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Vientiane - Luang Prabang

    Deeply enjoy a trip in Vietnam from Saigon and beautiful Hoi An to exotic Danang and hustle and bustle Hanoi before discovering magical Laos, with exper ...

  • 7 Days Vietnam and Laos Tour at A Glance

    Hanoi - Halong Bay Cruise - Luang Prabang

    This tour is the best way to explore the most important sites in Hanoi and Luang Prabang!

    During this tour, we will first visit the Tran Quoc ...

  • 11 Days Vietnam and Laos Discovery Tour

    Saigon - Hoi An - Hanoi - Luang Prabang

    The 11 days Vietnam and Laos tour offers a golden opportunity to discover the glorious culture and natural beauty of Vietnam and Laos.

    The tour ...

More Vietnam and Laos Tour Packages

  • INT-VL-VT09 9 Days Vietnam and Laos Culture and Nature Tour
    9 Days Vietnam and Laos Culture and Nature Tour

    Hanoi - Halong Bay Cruise - Luang Prabang

    This truly cultural and natural tour allows you to discover the highlight of Vietnam and Laos’ beauty. The tour first ...

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  • INT-VL-VLCHT10 10 Days Classic Vietnam and Laos Highlights Tour
    10 Days Classic Vietnam and Laos Highlights Tour

    Saigon - Hoi An - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Luang Prabang

    During Our 10 days Vietnam and Laos tour, you will have an opportunity to travel through those ancient royal capitals in ...

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  • INT-VL-VLPT20 20 Days Vietnam and Laos Panorama Highlights Tour
    20 Days Vietnam and Laos Panorama Highlights Tour

    Saigon - Can Tho - Nha Trang - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Vientiane - Vang Vieng - Luang Prabang

    The 20-day Vietnam and Laos panorama highlights tour will make you have a full awareness of Vietnam and Laos, you must immers ...

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  • INT-VL-VLHT22 22 Days Exotic Vietnam and Laos Tour
    22 Days Exotic Vietnam and Laos Tour

    Saigon - Can Tho - Nha Trang - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Vientiane - Sam Neua - Xieng Khuang - Luang Prabang

    The 22-day long journey offers you an opportunity to know the exotic culture and people in these two destinations with in ...

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  • INT-VL-VLHT22 22 Days Vietnam and Laos Relax Tour
    22 Days Vietnam and Laos Relax Tour

    Saigon - Can Tho - Nha Trang - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Vientiane - Vang Vieng - Luang Prabang

    This 22 days Vietnam and Laos tour will assure you to relax yourself totally by visiting the stunning natural beauty and ...

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  • INT-VL-VLT30 30 Days Vietnam and Laos In-depth Tour
    30 Days Vietnam and Laos In-depth Tour

    Hanoi - Halong Bay Cruise - Hoi An - Hue - Saigon - Can Tho - Khong Island - Pakse - Vientiane - Sam Neua - Xieng Khuang - Luang Prabang

    Pack your bags! A full month starts in Vietnam winds up the country to the unspoiled beauty of this country and head to pictu ...

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Most Popular Indochina Tour Packages including Vietnam and Laos

Common Questions about Vietnam and Laos Tour

1. When is the best time to visit Vietnam and Laos together?

While they may lie side by side in Indochina, Vietnam and Laos do have very different climates. In Vietnam, the climate can vary from north to south, and the best time to visit depends on where you are in the country, Meanwhile, in Laos, the climate is pretty stable across the whole country, which makes it easier to find the best time to travel. For Laos, the cooler dry season, from October to April, though the latter two months can get very hot.

In Vietnam, the best time for a general tour of the country is usually from December to March or April, when you can find dry weather across the whole country, though it can be hot or cold depending on the region. Overall, when planning a trip to cover both Laos and Vietnam together, the best time to travel would normally be from December to April, to make the most of the dry weather and cooler temperatures of most of the places you can visit.

2. How many days are most recommended for visiting Vietnam and Laos together?

How long to spend traveling in Vietnam and Laos largely depends on how long you have available for travel.

In general, you do need to think about how long to spend in each place as you travel around, and Vietnam is not a country where you can flit from city to city and see it all properly quickly. You should spend at least a week in Vietnam alone, to make the most of the highlights of this long narrow country. More would give you a better time traveling and allow you to experience more of the culture and the people of this amazing country.

For Laos, a week will never be enough to explore this unique country fully, but it is enough to give you the basics. You can spend a couple of days each in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and it will give you time to travel further south and be a little more explorative. Overall, at least two weeks should be reserved for a trip like this.

3. How to travel between Vietnam and Laos?

Vietnam shares a long border with Laos, making it simple to travel from one country to the other. You can fly between the various airports in Laos and Vietnam, or you can take the overland routes across the border between Vietnam and Laos, though this is more time-consuming and expensive. Flights run daily between the four international airports in Laos and the major airports in Vietnam at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The easiest and cheapest are the flights from Vientiane to Hanoi, which take less than an hour.

There are six border crossing points between Laos and Vietnam, and you can get buses daily that run from Vientiane to the major cities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, and HCMC. The buses stop at the border for visa checks, and can take from around 24 hours for the bus between Hanoi and Vientiane, and longer for other routes.

4. How to get a Vietnam visa and a Laos visa?

Visas for Vietnam must be applied for in advance of travel, even for their version of the Visa on Arrival. You can make the application at the embassy for a pre-approved visa, or online for the Visa on Arrival (VoA) and E-visa. Both of these are applied for and paid for in advance, but issued at the airports only. They are not available for land border crossing into Vietnam.

The visa for Laos is much easier to obtain, and can be done at the embassy, on your arrival at the airports and land border checkpoints, and even online as a true E-visa. The VoA can be applied at any of the entry points to Laos from Vietnam, while the E-visa is applied for online and sent as a .PDF file to be printed and used as the actual visa.

5. What currency is used in Vietnam and Laos?

The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong, while the official currency of Laos is the Laotian kip. The dong in Vietnam is the only official currency, though the use of US dollars is “unofficially tolerated”. There is no real black market in Vietnam for currency, and the dollar is more popular for paying for high priced items, such as hotel bills, etc. For smaller purchases, it is better to use the dong, as most traders will not have change for large dollar bills.

In Laos, the kip is the legal tender, though US dollars and Thai baht are also commonly used across the country. As with Vietnam, dollars are normally used for larger purchases, including buying expensive gifts and hotel bills, as well as the more expensive restaurants. And even the visa on arrival is required to be paid for in dollars of baht, since the kip has no value outside Laos and will not be changed by international banks.

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